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Join Columbia International University’s College of Education faculty and alumni for a FREE three-day event to aid educators in developing effective learning communities.

August 2-4, 2023

10:00 am - 2:00 pm EST Daily

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Are you lacking a concrete strategy for student spiritual development in your school or classroom?

When you join us, you will receive that and...

Instructional Practices

Awareness of new instructional practices for student growth


Collaboration with other professional educators

Personal Growth

Guidance on personal growth as an educator and leader

Distinctive Education

Connection with educators focused on distinctive Christian education


Opportunities for unique community formation during the event


By attending the event, you can receive up to two CEUs from CIU

If you're Ready to...

Stop doing routine practices and develop distintictive teaching strategies

Join us for the Virtual Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference

Why strive to be "distinctive?"



  1. characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others.

Let us help you become distinctive


Equip educators with research-based practices for teaching from a biblical perspective


Promote use of innovative ideas that support student learning​


Create effective learning communities where students' spiritual formation is the goal

Whether you are

...teaching younger students

...or those almost ready to launch to teaching

...or widely experienced

...teaching at home

...or in a virtual classroom

...or are somewhere in between any of those, the Virtual Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference is here to help you create more effective learning communities.
Does this Sound like you?

Feeling guilty due to lack of professional or personal growth?

Overwhelmed by new issues without new strategies?

Frustrated by the lack innovative ideas?

Whatever it is for you, we're here to help you become a distinctive educator.

Hi, we are Milt and Debbie, Your Hosts

Dr. Milt Uecker

After working together to bring on campus conferences, we are teaming together to bring this virtual conference.  We also continue to learn and grow now in the area of virtual learning. 

Milt and Debbie share a love of coffee and could be seen planning conferences. The first order of business? Getting a cup of coffee.

Not only do they share a love of coffee, but a commitment and passion for educating from a biblical worldview.  The Distinctiveness comes from bringing the Truth of Scripture to the content.  As professor emeritus and professor at CIU, they bring this commitment to you as educators.   

Dr. Debbie Moore

Details about the Virtual Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference


The Virtual Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference will take place August 2-4, 2023 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EDT (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm GMT). 


The conference is completely live and virtual and will take place on a powerful platform called Hopin. You can access it through an app on your phone or via your computer. You don’t have to have a mic or camera to participate – but they are very helpful.


Speaker presentations will be between 40-45 minutes. You will have an opportunity to interact via chat and ask questions during the presentations. Earn CEUs by attending these sessions. Six session provides one CEU, twelve sessions provides two CEUs. 


One of the best parts of attending a conference is the community! We strive to create a unique community during the conference. Plan to meet some really amazing people here.


This event is created exactly for educators in a variety of settings. We know the struggle of knowing the next right step and want to help you easily figure it out with 30 carefully chosen speakers who care about you and your journey.

Recordings and More

We totally understand that it can be hard to make a live conference and want to offer you recordings for you. Once you register for your free ticket, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to snag the recordings and extra resources!

Meet the Expert Speakers

These are the amazing speakers you will hear at the Virtual Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference. Each one has been carefully chosen for their expertise and their desire to teach you!

Main Stage Speakers

Rick Christman headshot

Dr. Rick Christman

Life Purpose
Annie Gallagher smiling outside

Dr. Annie Gallagher

Making Fishers of Men Through Christian Education
Picture of Jeremy Kingsley

Jeremy Kingsley

Don’t Forget!
Michael Johnson headshot

Dr. Michael Johnson

CIU’s Influence on Being Distinctly Christian in Thought and Career
Todd Marrah Headshot

Dr. Todd Marrah

Life on Life Impact

Dr. Milt Uecker

Dr. Milton Uecker

The Role of the College of Education in Fulfilling the Mission of CIU: Impacting the Next Generation with the Message of Christ

Session Speakers

Image of Jan Bentley

Jan Bentley

Burnout to Rekindled
Headshot of Dell Brabham in office setting

Dr. Dell Brabham

Creating the Ideal Classroom Culture
Headshot of Michelle Clevenger outside

Dr. Michelle Clevenger

Let’s Play: Utilizing the Power of Playful Learning in the Lives of Young Children.
Headshot of Joseph Craft outside

Dr. Joseph Craft

Leading Your Students with Love and Logic: Transforming the Way You Manage Your Class
Headshot of Rhett Davis

Dr. Rhett Davis

Good Questions Drive Learning
Headshot of Lindsey Fain

Dr. Lindsey Fain

Fostering Teacher-Student Rapport: Teacher Perceptions of the Most Effective Practices
Headshot of Scott Finnamore

Dr. Scott Finnamore

Rock Climbing with Roy
Headshot of Anne-Marie Gosnell

Anne Marie Gosnell

How CIU Prepared Me to Create an Online Ministry
Headshot of Lynn Hoekstra

Dr. Lynn Hoekstra

Christian Teaching: A Distinctive Difference
Amy Iwani Headshot

Dr. Amy Iwani

Learning Experiences that Change Lives
Headshot of Mitch Jaeger

Dr. Mitch Jaeger

Bible Centered Teachings
Nate Johnson headshot

Dr. Nathan Johnson

How to Put Out an Organizational Fire in 5 Minutes 😉
Headshot of Kristhianto Kainama

Kris Kainama

Hit the Ground Running in the Indonesian Education Context: Applications for School Admins to Enhance Education
Headshot of Debra Keeler

Dr. Debra Keeler

Foundational Truth as the Plumbline for Education in our Society
Headshot of Elaine Lindsey

Dr. Elaine Lindsey

Teaching Christianly: Communicating Passionately the Integration of Your Love for God and Your Understanding of Academic Content
Headshot of Rick Martin

Dr. Rick Martin

Creating Love-Informed Classrooms
Headshot of Mark McCann

Dr. Mark McCann

Looking for God’s Purpose When Life Gets Difficult
Headshot of Jennifer Merkey outside

Dr. Jennifer Merkey

The Science of Reading and the Benefits for the Christian School
Debbie Moore smiling outside

Dr. Debbie Moore

Good Intentions Versus Intentionality
Headshot of Amy Roedding

Dr. Amy Roedding

Spiritual Formation in the Everyday Classroom
Headshot of Frew Tamrat

Dr. Frew Tamrat

Deep Learning for Transformational Education
Headshot of Dustin Ventura

Dustin Ventura

Godly Role Models
Tara Williams in graduation gown holding diploma

Dr. Tara Williams

CIU: A Life Changing Experience!
Headshot of June Wu

Dr. June Wu

Redeem the Minds

Join COE faculty and alumni as they share learning experiences in content knowledge and spiritual formation to aid educators in developing effective learning communities.

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Attending the event live is COMPLETELY free! There is an option to upgrade your ticket after registration to purchase access to recordings. 

This takes place LIVE on August 2-4, 2023 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EDT each day. But if you can’t make it, you can register for a free ticket and get the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to get the recordings.

NO! We hate that as much as you do. As the host, we will get your email address and will email you important details about the event. You will have the opportunity to connect with the speakers in our expo area – but it is up to you and on YOUR terms. 

Yes! We are excited to offer you up to two CEUs – for FREE. Earn CEUs by attending these sessions. Six session provides one CEU, twelve sessions provides two CEUs. You will receive more information as we approach the conference.

Each presentation is given live during the conference. Community is super important to us and we believe that a fully live event helps promote it! You will be able to interact with the speakers during the event! But once the event is over, we will have the recordings available if you chose to upgrade your ticket.

We are not currently accepting speaker applications now. But if you have interest in speaking at a future event, please email us at

Such a good question!

For Debbie, I prefer cinnamon dolce. For Milt, just a cup of regular black coffee. 

Absolutely. We’re here to support you. Don’t hesitate to email us at We are happy to answer your questions. 

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